Production process


Crops and values

We are a Colombian company producing frozen fruit pulp, juices, and nectars from conventional and organic fruit; controlled from the crop to guarantee high quality transformation from its origin. Since the 1994.

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The Horeca Channel and Exports

Our company specializes in serving the institutional market, within which we cater for casinos, restaurant chains and clinics. In the same way we supply to the international market, ensuring that our processes meet the standards demanded by the wider market.



At FRUTIHELEN SAS, we actively participate in the agricultural development of our country. Our crops are generating better living conditions for people living in depravity and settlers in several districts of the Valle del Cauca and for indigenous communities of the Embera Chami ethnicity, who contribute to the crops with their industriousness and ancestral wisdom.

Our processing plant is managed by women from the region, many of whom are heads of the family, who through this work have become the primary earners for their families.

In this way FRUTIHELEN SAS is part of the change in the productive strategies of the country, which seeks to support the Colombian countryside, making them an active part of the rural economy.

Our commitment is to protect and preserve the environment, so we have implemented organic crops, totally free from agrochemicals that affect human health and intoxicate the environment. Also all our processes of transformation of the fruit, meet the standards of the environmental and preservation of natural resources.

“We support the Colombian countryside”